Help your pets live clean. Help save the planet.

At Pure Planet Pets, we are passionate about healthy living for ourselves and our pets. To do our part to save the environment we donate a portion of every sale to help plant trees all over the world. Read more about our mission.

Our Mission

Natural Dog Products

What is your pup chewing or sleeping on? Most dog toys, beds, and treats are made to look attractive but be cheap to produce. The result is toxic chemicals and artificial ingredients. Here at Pure Planet Pets we carefully select quality natural products that are healthy for your dog and for the planet.

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Natural Cat Products

Cats love to play, climb, and nap. Unfortunately most cat products are made to maximize profit, not the health of your kitty. Here at Pure Planet Pets we search out natural cat products made with the health of your cat in mind. The purrfect balance of being good for your cat and for the planet.

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For Pet Lovers Only

Pet lovers ROCK! That means you. Show off your furry side with pet proud fashion and home decor.

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We Believe A Healthy Pet Is A Happy Pet