About Us

Forest and trees

Our Mission

We at Pure Planet Pets are passionate about supporting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for all pet owners and their furry family members. As we strive to eat healthy, choose natural and biodegradable products, and minimize our carbon footprint, why should our pets live any differently? By selecting eco-friendly and healthy products for our pets, we can also help them make a positive impact on the environment. Here at Pure Planet Pets, we carefully source our products from vendors and manufacturers who believe in natural and eco-friendly pet accessories, treats, and toys. We look for products made with natural fibers, biodegradable materials,  and non-GMO hormone-free ingredients.

Making A Difference

To go one step further, we realize efforts to tread lightly on the environment are not enough. A century of global scale deforestation has decimated much of the planet's forests and jungles. In order to reverse some of this damage, we are proud to partner with the non-profit organization One Tree Planted to plant trees worldwide. A portion of every purchase is donated to One Tree Planted so we can all have a greener future.