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Organic Paw Balm for Dogs and Cats

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Organic Paw Balm

The use of our balm for preventative care is always a good idea, and when it comes to extreme weather conditions, it can have a massive impact.

In extremely cold weather, the paw pads can easily become dry and cracked. When your dog is running around in the snow or on ice, there is not only a danger of that snow getting stuck in-between their toes, but the presence of snow and ice generally means that ice melting chemicals have been spread around the area.

Anything from antifreeze to salt will not only aggravate the skin on your poor pup’s paw pads, but it is quite likely that your dog will lick it off of his paws after the walk.

Paw balm creates a semi-permeable barrier that protects the skin on the pads from anything they come into contact with, it even forms a protective layer to prevent damage from walking on blistering hot concrete, asphalt, or sand. Keep your pet's paws moisturized during hot summer days.

The Wagified paw balm is made from all-natural ingredients.

- Organic coconut oil.

- Organic olive oil.

- Natural shea butter.

- Natural beeswax.

Handcrafted in the USA.